I want you in your purest form

celebrate your freedom, Goddess


what's the perfect gift, if its never been unwrapped?

maintaining my composure

only to align my truths with your contour

see, I prefer you nude and clothed at the same time

Bare it all to me

without removing a single article of clothing

reveal to me

those beautiful scars

that you got centuries ago


they never fully healed at all

Guide me to those beauty marks in the most unseen places

until now

I Imagine myself

carefully kissing careless bruises

left by shameless past lovers

Be real nude for me

no where to hide secrets when you're completely naked

There is a canvas between your thighs

it brings out the artist in me

and the art of your naked soul attracts me

to want to know more

Sentiments of what you've learn to conceal

from others

you show to me

transparency in your bareness

as you impose





in your 'NUDITY'